Only good food! No funny stuff!

That’s our new mantra! It reflects our view of superfoods and raw foods! Superfoods might as well have been called smart foods. It's all about natural ingredients with good nutrition preferably with an organic origin, and about food with the right energy, rich in dietary fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and trace minerals. No magic involved, just good food!

Our philosophy is to strive to select the best that nature has to offer. That’s why we use organic ingredients to the greatest extent possible. The challenge is to strike a balance. Not least to do what you believe in. What is health to you? To us it means to stay healthy in a natural way through a behavior that’s sustainable long-term: a nutritious diet with a regular intake of fruit and vegetables combined with physical activity. All steps in the right direction counts, even small ones. Health changes are a matter of patience. It is a long process where you try out various methods by adding and removing. Using superfoods and raw foods in everyday life is a commitment to an active life and a sustainable lifestyle.

A lot of people today are stressed and lack the time and energy to eat optimally and live healthy. In situations like this it is extra important to make sure that you don’t take in a lot of empty calories. Over the past 50 years, the nutritional content of industrially grown vegetables and fruit has fallen dramatically. It is also a fact that many people in Sweden are dealing with different kinds of nutritional deficiencies, mainly due to simple ignorance. Superfoods are certainly no panacea but do create opportunities for a better life by, to the greatest possible extent, ensuring a broader nutritional intake.

The foundation of the company Superfruit Scandinavia AB was laid in 2007 out of these values and today we are leading within superfoods in Scandinavia. The concept Superfood encompasses fresh and dried plants: algae, fruits, berries, herbs, seeds, mushrooms, spices, vegetables and more.

We started with acai, the super berry from the Amazon. We have since then extended our product range which today includes several of the world's most nutritious super fruits and superfoods that fit into our concept of good food. We build long term relationships with our suppliers and visit them whenever we can. Thats how we can, with certainty, say where our products come from and how they have been treated.

Martin Lyberg
CEO, Superfruit Scandinavia AB