Superfruits agave syrup is organic and RAW.

The syrup is gently extracted from the Agave plant. The Agave plant (pronounced ah-GAH-vay) is native to Mexico and was used extensively by the Aztecs.

The Aztecs prized Agave as a gift from the gods. Today, Agave is best known as an ingredient in Tequila, despite having been used for thousands of years before as food. The nectar (syrup) that comes from the plant is called Aguamiel, translating to “honey water.” The plant can live up to 30 years and looks similar to the Aloe Vera plant, with its thick, pointed leaves. In 1753, Sweden’s Carl Linnaeus gave the plant its Latin name: Agave Americana. When the Agave plant is 7-10 years old it is harvested by cutting down the leaves to reach the pina, or pineapple, that is at its core. The nectar is then extracted, filtered and heated over very low heat until the carbohydrates are broken down into sugars. 

25% Sweeter than Sugar

Agave is app. 25% sweeter than sugar. The flavor is similar to honey but more neutral, honey can also vary more in taste depending on the type of flower it comes from. The composition of the carbohydrates is about 66-71% fructose, 18 to 25% glucose, 3% sucrose, 5% inulin. Since Agave is sweeter, you do not need to use very much. One tablespoon contains half as many calories as regular sugar. There are many benefits with Agave syrup and it can easily be used as a sugar substitute in baking and cooking. Unlike artificial sweeteners, agave gets crispy when used in cakes, it binds liquid and preserves. You may need to adjust recipes accordingly, using less Agave than sugar. It is ideal for use in baking, as a topping for ice cream and waffles, or as a sweetener for coffee, smoothies, etc.