Camucamu hemsida

The world's most Vitamin C-rich fruit!

Camu Camu is a small fruit from the Amazon which boasts the highest vitamin C content of any plant in the world. It grows mainly near the Peruvian border with Brazil. The shrub-like trees are about 2-8 meters in height and thrive in the rain forest swamps and floodplains. The fruit is between 10-12 millimetres in diameter and has a fleshy and soft texture. Its colour may vary from a reddish brown to a dark purple, due to the large concentration of anthocyanins (natural pigments) in the shell. The inner part of the fruit is a yellow solid and typically contains two seeds. 

Because of its sour taste Camu Camu is not consumed as it is, but traditionally fruit pulp is mixed in a naturally sweetened juice drink. As the fruit has become more acclaimed, it has become popular in Peru to use it for flavouring ice cream, jam and yogurt. In its concentrated powder form Camu Camu is consumed in countries throughout the world. The powder can be used in soft drinks and other recipes as a natural source of vitamin C.