Chlorella is a species of single-cell, green, microalgae. It is native to freshwater lakes all over the world.

Chlorella contains chlorophyll and reproduces rapidly if it has access to carbon dioxide, water, sunlight, and a small amount of Minerals. The name comes from the Greek: Chloros, meaning green and Ella meaning small. Since the early 1900’s, research has found that Chlorella is a readily available food source that can grow much faster than conventional crops.

From the moment you plant a culture of Chlorella into water, it takes 6 weeks before it is ready to be harvested. At harvest the Chlorella is hand washed and then quickly dried to preserve the maximum amount of their nutrition. The Chlorellan are then milled in order to break down the insoluble cell walls that people do not otherwise digest in the intestines. This process releases the nutrients inside the Chlorella and makes them available to us.

Chlorella is made up of about 60% Protein. Therefore it is a common supplement for vegetarians to use as a good Protein source. Chlorella contains about 2500mg chlorophyll and carotenoids; more than 500mg per 100g organic powder. Our organic Chlorella also has a CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) of 2g per 100g. Chlorella powder is best in mixed drinks and smoothies. Try mixing with it with orange juice or flavoring your favorite smoothies with Chlorella & RAW Cacao powder.