Chufa / Tiger Nuts are our ancestors Super Food! Healthy and tasty! 

Chufa is the Spanish name for Earth Almond (Cyperus esculentus L.). In english the small nut like lumps are called Tiger Nuts. It is one of the plants which has been grown for the longest time in Egypt. There are proof of them being grown for over 6000 years ago, and accoarding to studies at Oxford University our ancestors' Paleo diet mostly consisted of Tiger Nuts.

Tiger Nuts is a species in the family Half Grass and grows wild in souther Europe and Africa, as well as the Middle East. They are planted in soil and grow as small grass tufts with the nut like lumps under ground. Before consuming them they are cleaned and washed thoroughly. In Spain it is popular to grow Tiger Nuts. They make milk out of the lumps which has a sweet taste. It is also possible to make flour of them.

Tiger Nuts are nutrious. They contain three times as much potassium as a banana, are rich in magnesium, have a high fibre content and contain as much iron as red meat as well as Vitamin E. Superfruit's Tiger Nuts are organic, gluten free, nut free (they are not actual nuts), vegan, free of allergenes and are paleo.

Superfruit's Tiger Nuts are pealed with a patened technology that removes the outer shell. It its gentle and retain both the nutrition and flavour. Eat Tiger Nuts as a healthy snack or make your own milk of them.