Hemp is a natural source rich in high quality Protein, Omega Fats and Fiber! Hemp gives you power and energy!

Hemp is one of the oldest cultivated plants on earth and has been cultivated for more than 6000 years! Superfruit has developed both hemp seeds and hemp Protein. Hemp Protein is a perfect substitute for lactose allergy sufferers who cannot eat dairy protein / whey products. You can eat hemp seed supplements as they are, straight from the bag, or use them in cooking.

Hemp is assumed to have originated in the Himalayas and is an annual herb that grows very quickly, is durable and robust and at harvest the entire plant can be used for various purposes. The fibers in the stems are used for paper, rope and fabric. Hemp seeds undoubtedly belong to the Superfoods category and an incredible 80% of their total-oil-volume is made up of essential fatty acids, which few other seeds can boast. Hemp seeds are a rich source of high quality protein and essential amino acids. Our shelled hemp seeds are treated with modern technology to ensure that the nutritional content is retained in the most beneficial manner.

Hemp Protein 500G
Superfruits Hemp Protein is a perfect substitute for all lactose allergy sufferers who cannot eat regular whey Protein. One serving of 30g hemp Protein contains 45% Protein, 20% Dietary Fiber and more than 10% omega fats! It is great in fruit smoothies, as a snack or after exercising. The powder is RAW, grown without pesticides and contains no additives!

Hemp Seeds 200g - EU ECO
Hemp seeds are advantageously used in cooking and baking or make a nice snack in a fruit and nut mixture. Containing 34% Protein, 50% fat, 8% Dietary Fiber Hemp seeds give you energy and strength! The seeds are organically produced and certified according to the EU regulations and holding requirements for RAW.

Shelled hemp seeds can be used in muesli, porridge, smoothies, salads, and baking. They can also be ground into a paste similar to peanut butter and used as a tasty topping that has a round, rich and nutty flavor. Hemp seeds taste great even in stews, meatballs and steaks. They can also make a tasty, filling, and nutritious snack on their own.