Mullbär hemsida

Mulberries from Turkey are rich in vitamin C and has a long history around the Mediterranean and in Turkey.

For a long time Mulberries (Morus alba) have been an important tree in Asia because the silkworm feeds exclusively on its leaves. The tree grows in several places in Asia, but also in Europe. Mulberries come in many different colors; white, pink, red and black and the trees can become up to 20 meters high.

The berries are used in traditional medicine and they have been found documented in scrolls from ancient China and Greece. All parts of the tree are useable, from the roots and leaves to the fruit. The berry has received a lot of media attention recently for its ability to stabilize the blood sugar levels and improve cholesterol. 

Mulberries contains a lot of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Iron and Calcium but also other important nutrients such as polyphenols, flavonoids, Protein, steroids, terpenes and astragalin. The fruit also contains lots of reservatrol which is both an antioxidant and anti coagulant.

Superfruit’s Mulberries are picked directly from the trees and sundried so you can enjoy them throughout the year. They are grown organically according to USDA NOP. We recommend a handful of berries each day because they are delicious and wholesome. Their flavor is sweet & nutty and they can be eaten as they are, in a salad or in a smoothie. Mix them up with some of our other berries for an exciting blend.