Do you exercise a lot or do you need to eat more protein?

Accoarding to WHO's recommendations one shall have 0,75 g of high quality protion per kg of body mass. However, those who want to build muscles eat larger amount of protein, up to 1,5 g or mer per kg of body mass and day. People who are active and exercise need more protein than those who do not exercise. According to EU's regulation nr 432/2012 there are three approved health statements about protiein; Protein contributes to increase muscles, protein contributes to maintaing muscle and contributes to maintain a normal bone structure. 

Protein is the body's building blocks and is an important component in the every day diet. Protein consists of up to 20 amino acids, whereof there are 10 essential amino acids. We are not able to produce these amino acids by ourselves, therefore they have to be consumed. Hemp protein and rice protein är two examples of vegan sources of protein that contain these essential amino acids. 

To use protein powder is an easy and smooth way to get protein. Our protein powder contain natural carbonhydrates and fibres. Hemp protein also contains 12% omega fatty acids. Rice protein and hemp protein is particularly good for lactose intolerant people, because of them being lactose free. They are also gluten free and have no added suger or flavorings, in other words 100% natural source of protein! Our vegan protein powder can be used in smoothies, juices and shakers.