Nypon hemsida

Superfruits Rose Hip powder comes from Rose Hips grown in volcanic soil in southern Chile.

The unique climate with plenty of sunshine during the day and cool nights provides ideal conditions for growing the finest quality Rose Hips. Our powder is made from Rosa Canina L and is 100% natural without any additional additives. Rosa Canina or Hundros (also known as Dog Rose) is a climbing wild rose that grows to be 1.5-3 meters high with Rose Hips measuring 1-2cm.

Superfruits organic Rose Hip powder is made from the entire Rose Hip, both the shell and seeds. The special climate, fertile soil, organic farming and gentle drying process at <50 °C allows the hips to develop and maintain extra flavor and nutrition! Superfruits rosehip powder naturally contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, lycopene, and a full 45% Dietary Fiber.

Vitamin C
Rose Hips are especially known for their Vitamin C content. During World War II, Rose Hip syrup was distributed as a source of Vitamin C because the war hampered imports of citrus fruits from the tropics. Since then, Rose Hips have been a prized good.

Rose Hips are an amazing product with countless uses. The powder is excellent mixed with water, smoothies and juices. You can also make Rose Hip soup from the powder and it can also be used in breads, marmalades and raw food balls. Some fun facts about the Rose Hips: a Rose Hip is actually the fruit and the seeds sit inside the soft shell. Historically the Vikings are said to have used rosehips on their long journeys as a source of Vitamin C.