Gluten free Apple Cupcakes


Surprise someone with a delicious treat, free from gluten and lactose. BAKED using COCONUT SUGAR AND agave syrup, with a delicious apple and cinnamon flavour.


ca. 14 muffins

Muffins: Apple filling: Topping:
100 ml Superfruit Almond flour 2 apples, in small pieces 200 ml creme fraiche (lactose free)
1 tsp baking powder 2 tbsp Superfruit Coconut sugar 0.5 tbsp Superfruit Agave syrup
50g Superfruit Cococnut oil 1 tsp ground cinnamon zest of half a lemon
25 ml Superfruit Agave syrup    cinnamon
50 ml Superfruit Coconut sugar    
2 eggs    
250 ml almond milk    
zest of half a lemon    
pinch of salt    

Peel and chop the apples, fry the pieces in coconut oil and mix in the coconut sugar and cinnamon. Set aside to cool. Whisk the sugar, agave syrup and coconut oil with an electric mixer, add the eggs and whisk until the mixture is fluffy. Add the lemon zest, flour, salt and baking powder and stir. Finally add the almond milk. Then mix in the cooled apple pieces. Place paper cups in a muffin pan and fill them halfway with batter. Bake at 180 degrees in the oven for about 25-30 minutes. Mix the crème fraîche, lemon zest, agave syrup and cinnamon. When the muffins are cool, you can add the topping.