Super bread with Goji


A wonderfully tasting, juicy and fibrous dark bread that is also easy to do!


1 bread

200 ml flour 50 ml Superfruit mulberry  
150 ml wheat flour 50 ml walnuts  
150 ml rye flour 50 ml Superfruit goji berries  
2 tsp baking soda 100 ml dark syrup or bread syrup  
50 ml Superfruit chia seeds 500 ml natural yoghurt  
50 ml wheat bran 25 ml olive oil  
100 ml sunflower seeds    

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl, then add the yoghurt, oil and syrup. Grease an oblong bread pan, pour in the batter and bake at the bottom of the oven at 175°C for 1 hour 40 minutes. The bread gets darker towards the end of baking. Let the bread cool on a rack.