Raw Goji balls


Perfect when you need a snack full of energy, antioxidants, omega fats and dietary fiber! Keeps for several days in the fridge, is freezable and easy to take with you to work or on a trip!


approx. 8-10 pcs

50 ml natural cashew nuts 3 pcs of dried fig  
50 ml walnuts 1.5 tbsp honey  
50 ml almonds 1 tbsp soy milk  
50 ml Superfruit Goji Berries 1 pinch of cardamom  
50 ml Superfruit Hemp Protein coconut flakes  

Mix the nuts in a food processor. First add goji berries, hemp protein, figs and cardamom. Then mix in honey and soy milk. Transfer the dough into a bowl and knead until smooth. Make balls and roll in coconut flakes.