Raw Maca balls


Maca contains adaptogens that gives you energy, a real kick!


approx. 8-10 pcs

50 ml natural cashew nuts 2 tbsp Superfruit RAW Cacao Powder  
50 ml almond 1 tbsp Superfruit Maca Powder  
50 ml pecan nuts 1 tbsp soy milk  
50 ml raisins 1 tbsp honey  
6 pcs dried dates Superfruit Hemp Seeds  
3 pcs dried figs    

Blend the nuts in a food processor. Add the first cocoa and maca powder. Then blend figs, raisins and dates. Add honey and soy milk. Transfer the dough into a bowl and work it until smooth. Make balls and roll in hemp seeds. Tip! If the hemp seeds do not stick to the ball, add half a tablespoon of honey in the bowl and roll the balls in  honey before they are rolled in hemp seeds.