Chia pudding with chocolate

Chiapudding choklad

A nutritious and lactose-free snack with a chocolate taste. Simple and delicious with lots of omega 3 and fibre.


1 portioner

1 tbsp Superfruit Chia 0,5 tbsp coconut flakes  
100 ml Oatmilk Superfruit bee pollen  
1 tbsp Superfruit Raw Cacao 1 Banana  
Pour the chia seeds into a bowl or a glass, add a little oatmilk and stir. Wait a few minutes until the seeds are slightly swollen, then add the rest of the oatmilk and place in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Upon serving, add the cocoa powder and coconut flakes and stir well. Top your chia pudding with banana and bee pollen.