Chocolate cake, vegan and gluten-free


Invite your friends to a moist chocolate cake without gluten, lactose, eggs and refined sugar!


approx. 4-6 portions

Base Cashewnut cream  
50 ml Superfruit Coconut Flour 100 ml Superfruit cashewnuts  
50 ml Superfruit Raw Cacao Powder 100 ml coconut cream  
50 ml Superfruit Coconut Oil 1 pinch ground ginger  
100 ml Superfruit Coconut Sugar 1 pinch ground cloves  
250 ml almond milk    
1 tbsp Superfruit Chia Seeds    
50 ml coconut, flaked    

Caramel sauce

Chocolate sauce
50 ml Superfruit Coconut Sugar 1 tbsp Superfruit Raw Cacao Powder  
50 ml coconut cream 1 tsp Superfruit Agave syrup  
0,5 pinch pure vanilla powder  2 tsp water  
some salt    

Soak the cashew nuts for at least 3 hours. Preheat the oven to 175 degrees. Line a small spring form (12 cm) with baking paper.

Base: Mix the coconut flour, cocoa, baking powder, coconut sugar and chiaprotein. Then add the almond milk and the melted coconut oil and stir well until the mixture thickens. Pour half of the batter into the spring form, so that the form is about half full. Bake in middle of oven for 35 minutes, remove the cake and line the form with paper again. Mix the grated coconut into the rest of the batter, pour the batter into the form and bake for 35 minutes. Mix all ingredients for the chocolate sauce and set aside. Drain the cashew nuts and put them in a blender, add the remaining ingredients to the cashew cream and mix to a smooth batter. Place the batter in the fridge. Mix all ingredients for the caramel sauce in a saucepan and cook until slightly thickened, then allow to cool.

Assembly: Place the base with the coconut on a plate, spread the chocolate sauce over. Then, place the second base on top and spread the cashew cream over. Drizzle the caramel sauce over the cream. Garnish with sour berries and fruit such as currants, lingonberries and physalis.