Almond soup


Serve a tasty and creamy almond soup as a starter, lactose free!


2 servings

2 slices light bread with edges removed 50 ml good olive oil  
200 ml Superfruit Almond flour 25 ml white wine  
500 ml vegetable stock 0.5 tbsp white wine vinegar  
2 cloves garlic salt and black pepper  

Split the bread into smaller pieces and roast on low heat in a dry frying pan until the bread is dry and crunchy, the bread should not get that much color. Then toast the almond flour in a frying pan until it gets a light brown hue, stirring constantly and being careful so that it does not burn. Slice the garlic and fry over low heat in some olive oil until it’s soft. Mix the bread in a blender, then add almond flour, garlic and a little oil and blend to a paste. Pour the almond mixture in a pot and mix in the remaining ingredients, simmer for a few minutes, and serve with a few drops of olive oil on top.