Rice paper noodles with hemp seeds


Serve beautiful rice paper noodles for dinner! with hemp seeds, vegetables, seafood and a complementary tasty sauce


ca. 12-14 pieces

Rice paper noodles:   Dip:
2 carrots
Salad onions
100 ml Superfruit
Hemp seeds
1 tbsp Superfruit
Agave syrup
200 g white cabbage 100 g beansprouts 3 tbsp Japanese soy sauce
100 ml cashew nuts 12-14 spring roll wrappers, 1 squeezed lime + grated zest
100 g drained shrimp or crayfish rice paper Finely chopped chili
    Grated ginger

Shred the onions, carrots and cabbage finely and mix together in a large bowl with the beansprouts. Chop the cashew nuts and dry roast them in a pan with a little salt. Fill your soaked rice paper with shredded vegetables, hemp seeds, cashews and shrimp, and then fold. Mix all ingredients for the dipping sauce and serve.