Devoted to Life, Health and Nature!

When we started Superfruit we decided to formulate a set of values for how we should act, values that we still stand for today and that feel more relevant for every year that passes.

Devoted to Life
We value quality of life. Life in itself is something big that is difficult to grasp and very fragile. We believe that all people should have the right to enjoy life. Whether that means you’re sitting in the sun relaxing, or if you are in a factory working. Our life largely revolves around eating, why not eat something that gives you quality of life and others a chance at a better life. Choose products that somehow supports a better life for people who have it worse than you!

Devoted to Health
We must nurture our bodies. To create the best conditions for good and lifelong health, most people need to eat and live healthy. Obviously, you should have fun while doing it. We believe that a healthy diet consisting largely of natural products from fruits, berries and plants, along with regular physical activity, gives us the right conditions for a long and enjoyable life. Take care of your body and life becomes more enjoyable!

Devoted to Nature
Nature gives us quality of life and health! Over millions of years, we have been shaped together in an ecosystem based on reciprocity. Over the last century, humans have made some fantastic achievements, which unfortunately also has made an impact on nature. We must remember that without nature we are nothing, which is why we should do what we can to minimize our impact on it. For Superfruit, this means that we must consider how we produce, ship and package our products.